JARA - Welcome to a new age of training

Created for training management at a new level

Increase your productivity with JARA, the solution for training management based on EASA criteria.

JARA is an intelligent training manager, capable of coordinating training actions for all the aspects that make up an airline or a group of airlines. It also serves as a real-time communication system for the training needs of the entire workforce, as it advises about due dates, compliance and schedules, and much more.
JARA constantly checks the staff’s training needs in the different departments and the courses offered by the training centres, whether internal or external. In addition to assigning staff to these courses, it is able to suggest modifications to minimize the effects of changes in staff shifts.
  • Simplified processes
  • Real-time information
  • Based on sector normative criteria
  • Collaboration between suppliers and customers

Minimize human error and increase the system efficiency by using the appropriate tool

JARA identifies different user profiles and provides clear and concise information on the training situation in real time, taking into consideration the needs of each role.
JARA simplifies the work of a whole group of companies and avoids repeating tasks.
When a new employee enters the company, human resources only has to sign him or her up into JARA for the corresponding department to have access to all the information regarding his or her training.

If training is needed, one specific course offered by the registered training centres will be suggested by JARA, on the most suitable date for the employee.
What’s more, JARA assigns training that has been established as mandatory for that profile, based on regulatory or company-specific criteria.
You will have a list of people with specifications regarding their department and function, and immediate access to their training file and their needs. You can also assign other training courses you deem necessary. You can see active courses in real time, as well as the syllabus and people assigned to each one of them. You will receive alerts about your staff’s need to complete courses and you can reprogram them based on JARA’s proposals.

The department can also access the certificates of completion of courses, attendance reports and request an activity report for the management team.

JARA has a special consideration for quality/operational safety systems, and it provides the possibility of carrying out internal audits in the company´s format.
The training centres can include new courses and an annual training programme so that JARA can efficiently assign courses to people who need them.
The system supplies detailed information, such as the number of pupils on each course, to the training centre’s management team. It also makes variations and reassignments in real time, so as to minimize the programming of failed courses and sessions with a small number of attendees.

JARA allows training centres to plan their courses better, giving them the possibility of incorporating more groups onto the same course, suspending or delaying inefficient courses, detecting unmet training needs, among other features.

Training centres also have the possibility to assign automatic audits in the format they wish.

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